torstai 11. helmikuuta 2016

FMSPhotoADay January 2016

1. Black and White

2. What I did today
I walked to the library and the grocery store with my hubby. It was cold and snowy, but I liked it.

3. Water
There's still some running water. Today we have -9 degrees and some snow again.

4. Circle...
...of magic mirror. Do You see it?

5. Leaves
Weather leaves me indoors today! Yes, it is minus 22 degrees. Welcome to Finland

6. Something blue

7. Reading a knitting pattern

8. Landscape
Another cold day in Finland! -25.9 degrees of Celsius.

9. Shoes

10. Lucky
A few years ago I was lucky with rope tension and I won a free choice. I choosed this Mickey Mouse cup.

11. Outdoors

12. Something I wore
I love my new leather gloves and cupcake earrings ♥

13. Three of a kind

14. Close-up
15. Mail

16. Chair

17. Faceless

18. White
On Saturday we drove 350 km from the 80-year birthday party. After the party we drove back home. During the trip I took some photos. This one is frozen and snowy Kuhajärvi (walleye lake) near by our cottage. Temperature was -25°C!

19. In the hand
Morning coffee 

20. Patterns
Designing your own knitting pattern is so much fun.

21. Morning
Freezing cold morning(-17°C). Snowing lightly and beautiful coloured sky.

22. Night

23. Play
My colleague playing with his training rc-copter inside empty office.

24. Window

25. Numbers

26. Simplicity

27. Telephone
No, Pugsy! It isn't a touch screen!

28. Smile

29. Home

30. Flatlay

31. Me

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