torstai 24. syyskuuta 2015

FMS Photo A Day Week 38

14. I’m proud of this
I know there are several bigger things to be proud, but I want to be proud of little things, too. These are my catch after spending 3 hours in forest. I gave them all to my dear aunt.

15. To my left

16. To my right
These are on my the office wall. Sun is made by my Goddaughter. Calendar has been bought and son's timetable is printed, but I have coloured it. Everything else is my own art.

17. I never…smoke.
I have never ever even tasted tobacco. I'm sorry, but it is very disgusting habit.

 18. My own
My own son doesn't want to be photographed, so I have to show something else. I have made these origami swans all by myself.

19. Candy

20. Perspective
This is a construction site of new subway station.


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